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STEP 1. READ THE MEGAMAIL, and follow the instructions in the document.


Step 3: If you did not already do so at the camp meeting, PAY YOUR DUES AND FEES BELOW.

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The handbook is essentially a collection of all things you need to know about orchestra. When you sign off on your enrollment form, you are agreeing to all rules and regulations in the handbook.

Uniforms are distributed to Philharmonic, Concert White, Concert Purple, and Symphony Orchestra students in September. Uniforms are issued clean and in good repair. Students will need to provide their own black dress shoes and black socks/nylons. Click on the sign to the left for much more information.

All students who use a school instrument-- either in class each day or at home through the year-- must sign off on this by completing this form.

The purpose of this fund is to provide a financial source of support for Pioneer Orchestra students to further their musical studies with private lessons from qualified string teachers in the Ann Arbor area. It is our hope that through these private lessons, students will experience the excitement of their own advancement and skill level as well as the satisfaction of making great music on a stringed instrument.

Over the years, Pioneer High School has purchased a number of very high quality stringed instruments to provide students who have earned through hard work and dedication to the Pioneer Orchestra Program. These instruments were purchased in the name of Elizabeth A. H. Green, former director and renowned leader in music education and conducting.

In Ann Arbor, ensemble music education starts in fifth grade, where public school students receive instruction in band, orchestra, or choir. Yet private instruction is an equally essential part of musical development, fostering technical abilities and offering an increased sense of musicality.

For many students, we have realized, typical private lessons can be prohibitively expensive and intense. The average high school musician looks to appreciate, be able to play together with their friends, and make a little music. That's where we come in.


All State Application Deadline: Friday, Sept. 30

Please make the check out to “POPS”