Council Elections 2019-2020

Who votes for what?

No incoming 9th graders will be voting in this election.

View Candidate Speeches HERE

Philharmonic leadership will be appointed by Mr. Smith and Mr. Glawe.

  • Current Concert White, and FUTURE (2019-2020) Concert White students will vote for Concert White Council Positions.

  • Current Concert Purple and FUTURE (2019-2020) Concert Purple will vote for Concert Purple Council Positions.

  • Current Symphony and FUTURE (2019-2020) Symphony will vote for Symphony Council Elections.


2019-2020 Pioneer Orchestra Audition Results

2019-2020 Pioneer Orchestra AUDITION RESULTS

Hello Pioneer Orchestra Community!

I am extremely proud of the work that our student community put in to prepare for audition season at Pioneer. I am confident in these musical decisions that were made, and I am eager to see the development of each individual player in the coming year.  To our incoming freshmen, WELCOME TO PIONEER! These orchestras are your new home, and I think you will find them each to be welcoming and inviting. I am SO proud of you!

Warmly and with respect,

Mr. Glawe

Here are the audition results for 2019-2020. 

Pioneer Orchestras Return from London!

The Pioneer Orchestra tour of London, UK is now complete!
The 144 of us on the tour represented the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the United States with great poise and professionalism. We were praised everywhere we went for our kindness, flexibility, and in performance, our musicianship.
It feels good to be home, but I do miss that wonderful city! London was beautiful and charming.

This was the largest international tour I have ever done, and despite the typical challenges, the Pioneer students were a class act!

Many thanks to the chaperones who were the true heroes of this trip. Thanks to all members of the Pioneer Orchestra Parents Society - POPS for their financial support through scholarships. Additional appreciation for student bus captains, stage crews, chaperone group leaders, my co -director Julia Knowles, and of course Caro Uhlemann-Short and Courtney Frederickson from Bob Rogers Travel.

Hard to believe, but Pioneer auditions for 2019-2020 begin on Tuesday. 200+ students to hear independently for placement. No rest for the wicked.

Pioneer Orchestras London.JPG

Peer Private Lessons at Pioneer!

Mission statement for PPL:

In Ann Arbor, ensemble music education starts in fifth grade, where public school students receive instruction in band, orchestra, or choir. Yet private instruction is an equally essential part of musical development, fostering technical abilities and offering an increased sense of musicality. 

For many students, we have realized, typical private lessons can be prohibitively expensive and intense. The average high school musician looks to appreciate, be able to play together with their friends, and make a little music. That's where we come in. 

You can learn more at their website:

At Pioneer, we have a wonderful group of student mentors and mentees that have shown great dedication through the semester!