Back to Orchestra Part 3! FIRST ASSIGNMENT/ POPS Information

Hello Pioneer Orchestra Community, 


The first assignment for orchestra is one that is done with parent/guardian and student TOGETHER. Yes! Be in the same room, at the same time, filling out the same form!  


Parent/Student Assignment; by Sept. 14th


Step 1: Read through the 2015-2016 Orchestra Handbook for an overview of the classroom rules and regulations. Note carefully the policies regarding evening rehearsals and concert commitments. 

Step 2: Take the Calendar at a Glance and add the pertinent dates to your family calendar NOW! Note: Spring Fling will either be the 19th or 26th of May, depending on when the admin decides on the senior's last day. Thanks for your patience while we wait for the date. 

Step 3: Discuss as a family how you will meet your Orchestra Citizenship Expectation. (1 per semester for students (graded), 1 per year for a family). 

Step 4: Complete the Back to Orchestra Enrollment Form TOGETHER as a family, and submit the results by Sept. 14th.