Pioneer Orchestra Council Contact Information- LINK

Orchestra Council Duties:

President (Junior/Senior):

• Director's second hand helper for all events

• Run student officer meetings (about once a month)

• Lead communicator between director and ensemble

• Spokesperson for your orchestra at all orchestra events

• Oversee and allocate student leaders for Car Wash, Symphony Serenades, Celebrity Servers, Candy and Show Your Appreciation fundraisers


Vice President (Junior/Senior):

• Head of Publicity- create fliers, facebook events, invitations, etc.

• Editor of all performance programs

• Organization of stage crew and ushers for performances

• President's helper for all events


Secretary (Sophomore/Junior/Senior):

• Take preliminary attendance for your orchestra in class, rehearsals, performances, etc.

• Take care of anything that needs documented/sorted

• Organization of forms for trips, beginning of year documents, summer camp


Officers at Large (Sophomore/Junior/Senior):

• Chair set-up for class, organization of classroom

• Music issues (makes practice copies of music)

• All the little things!


Student Conductor (optional)

Librarian (optional)


Duties we ALL share:

- Beginning of year mailing/ put classroom together the week before class

- Interlochen Camp preparation (August)

- Copying of documents (learn how to use the copier PROPERLY!)

- Welcoming the freshman, showing them the expectations of orchestra

- Appropriate peer discipline


Other Items

A Few Days Before the Election:

• Teacher announces the elections and expectations of student officers, students help create a list of what they believe is important in an officer

• Teacher highlights that these students must have a good rapport with colleagues, and be a positive role model for younger members, have a 3.0 and not be on academic probation

• Teacher highlights that officers must be someone you would trust that if the teacher is not in the room, musical and class goals/tasks can still be achieved


Election Day:

• Students prepare a statement on why they would be a strong leader for the ensemble.

• Secret ballot handed out. Teacher tallies the votes with the previous president.