2017-2018 POPS Leadership

John Janevic john_janevic (at) hotmail.com

Co-Vice Presidents: 
Regina Hayut cantorhayut18 (at) gmail.com
Vicki Ringold vellingr (at) med.umich.edu

Communications Secretary:  
Barbara Beaton barbara (at) umich.edu

Pete Batra pbatra01 (at) gmail.com

Assistant Treasurer:  
Sunanda Venumuddala sunvenu (at) gmail.com

Co-Fundraising Chairs:
Claire Hughes clairehughes (at) comcast.net
Avishay Hayut avishayh (at) mac.com

Alumni Coordinator:  
Austin Yu atrain6pops (at) gmail.com

Parent Reps (Symphony):  
Jessica Webster Sendra bopgirl (at) gmail.com
Thelma Kinlaw kinlawt (at) gmail.com

Parent Reps (Concert):  
Fusen Li fusenli (at) umich.edu
Betsy Davis betsyd (at) umich.edu
Corry Berkooz corry (at) berkooz.com

Parent Reps (Philharmonic):  
Beth Ballbach bethball (at) umich.edu

POPS Committees
POPS has committees of parent volunteers from across all three orchestras to help with a wide variety of activities, such as merchandise sales, uniforms, fundraisers, alumni relations, and many others.

How can you help?
Contact POPS at phspops@gmail.com to inquire about POPS Leadership opportunities, as well as volunteer opportunities.

2016-2017 POPS Leadership


Austin Yu                             President                          

John Janevic                       Vice President                  

Peter Batra                          Treasurer                         

Sunanda Venumuddula        Assoc. Treasurer             

Regina Hayut                       Secretary                         


Parent Representatives (Symphony Orchestra)

Corry Berkooz            

Avishay Hayut            

Parent Representative (Concert Orchestra)

Barbara Beaton         

Parent Representative (Philharmonia Orchestra)

Pamela Sparkling