Major Update: We are now FLYING to NOLA!   Read all about it HERE

3 outstanding adjudicators in New Orleans! Read about them HERE

Updated Itinerary (COMING SOON)

Other Schools Also in New Orleans (so far)

  • Washington Middle School, Seattle WA
  • Rockwall High School, Texas

2017 TOUR POWERPOINT:   Overview of Tour Expectations, Requirements, current itinerary and more. Please read this BEFORE you complete the Student Tour Interest Form.


Why New Orleans?

The conversation began in 2013 when the Pioneer Orchestras traveled to San Francisco. New Orleans was the alternate destination chosen that that year, which kept the itinerary on our radar. A few years later, when our orchestras were coming home from Italy, several students and parents mentioned the idea of traveling to New Orleans in 2017. I promised the community at that time that I would revisit the opportunity. 

With this history, there was enough interest for me to contact a few tour companies and look at what would be possible for a tour in New Orleans, 2017. A festival occurring during Spring Break of 2017 came up as a possibility for us to participate in, as well as some concert shares along the way. From there, I held an open meeting for students and POPS interested in tour, and it was unanimous (by 36 students and 10 adults) that we should continue to pursue this tour. The last step before we sign the contract is to hear from YOU regarding your interest. 


Recent Tours:

April 2017- New Orleans, ~110 participants

April 2015- Italy, 120 participants

April 2013- San Francisco, 110 participants

April 2011- Austria/Germany 102 participants

April 2009- New York City, 120 participants

April 2007- Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Sights of the Italy Tour, April 2015 below