In order to hold flights, busses, and much more, ALL students who are traveling must make the 1st payment of $500, even if you are on scholarship. Later payments of scholarship students can be discussed and negotiated.

Once you register for the tour with Bob Rogers (click on green button), automatic payments will be made with the credit card on file at the payment schedule shown below. Mr. Glawe will not accept ANY payments directly. It ALL goes through Bob Rogers.

<— Will be ready for Distribution on Sept. 21st/ Check back!

Please remember to submit a copy of your health insurance card with your health form.

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Recent Tours:

March 2019- London, UK  -- all details emailed separately!

April 2017- New Orleans, 110 participants

April 2015- Italy, 120 participants

April 2013- San Francisco, 110 participants

April 2011- Austria/Germany 102 participants

April 2009- New York City, 120 participants

April 2007- Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Sights of the Italy Tour, April 2015 below